Investigative Services

10-4 PI's Donald R. Myers specializes in complex cases using sophisticated investigative methods learned during a long career in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a second career as a banking fraud specialist. Our services include:

  • Paper Trail
    Financial Fraud, Economic Crimes, Loan Fraud & Embezzlement

  • People Trail
    Surveillance, Undercover Operations, Missing Persons & Background Investigations

  • Property Trail
    Commercial, Residential, Personalized Brokerage Service, MLS, Estate Services

  • Trial Support
    Presentation of Evidence, Crime Scene Investigation & Witness Interviews

  • Bank Security & Fraud
    Bank Personnel Training, Robbery Prevention & Mitigation, Internal & External Fraud, Security Audits & Cash Management Issues

  • Forensic
    Applying forensic science and technology to support legal court presentations including audio and video.

  • Domestic and Child custody Issues

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